Your Path to Pelvic Health

with amy hill fife

Pelvic Health Specialist

Your Path to Pelvic Health

with amy hill fife

Pelvic Health Specialist

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My Story

The values, and belief that drive my purpose to help you.

My Experience

Why I’m qualified to help you-the journey I’ve taken over the years.

My Story

While at the Medical College of Georgia, I took specialty courses in pelvic health physical therapy from an Australian-trained professor of physical therapy, Dr. Jancis Dennis, Ph.D. My intro to pelvic Physical Therapy was discussing women leaking urine suddenly with no warning, or when they coughed, laughed, sneezed, or jumped on the trampoline.  This was a unique program because few Physical Therapists got this in-depth knowledge of pelvic health.

After graduating, I focused on advancing education in orthopedic, women’s health, and pelvic health Physical Therapy.

I just always thought it was wrong that women were peeing their pants in the middle of the grocery store, having pain during sex, suffering with vaginal dryness during menopause or trying to heal themselves after sexual assault… yet, no one was talking about it.

My Values & Beliefs

Connecting Through Shared Experience

Through education, talking, and teaching I bridge the gap between painful embarrassment and confident living. I share stories of where women were before they decided they were willing to try a different solution; before they decided to talk about their pain and embarrassing moments in the hopes that there were options for them. And after women have been through my coaching programs, then they share their own stories of success, triumph and confident living without pelvic leaking, pain or shame.  

Helping Clients Through Trauma

With trauma, I started realizing that no one is ever telling peo what is going on in their bodies.  Survivors are getting psychological treatment, but not one is telling them how to use an ice pack what is happening anatomically with their bodies or how they can begin their healing process.

I believe there are other ways to help…

Educating My Clients

Over the years it became apparent how powerful it is for women to understand what is going on in their bodies.  By providing an anatomical explanation to women, they have an understanding of what is happening, and they say “oh that is why I have pelvic pain or leak pee,” and there is hope to begin healing.

My goal is to guide women on their personal path to pelvic health by teaching the tools they need to help themselves.  This is the most empowering part of my relationship with women. Women use these tools to safely and effectively overcome their own pain and find their own solutions.


How I Started Helping 

  • In 2003, I received my Board Certification in Biofeedback for Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction.

  • To prove my level of knowledge and be recognized as an expert, I achieved my Board Certification in Women’s Health (Women’s Clinical Specialist) in 2012.  At the time,  the board certification required a minimum of 10,000 hours (5 years) of direct patient care in women’s and pelvic health Physical Therapy just to apply for the exam.  I was in the first 150 physical therapists to become board certified in women’s health in the United States.

  • I have helped over 20,000 women, men & children overcome pelvic health problems, regain their confidence and resume living a life they love.

  • I am the first board-certified physical therapist in both of these disciplines to serve the region between Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT.

  • Brought women’s and pelvic health Physical Therapy to the University of Utah Orthopaedic Center in Salt Lake City, UT

  • Established and branded the first multi-disciplinary pelvic healthcare facility of its kind in Western Colorado, which includes specialized physical therapy & expertise.

  • Founder & CEO of Pelvic Health PT online educational coaching, specializing in serving women with pelvic health problems through education, encouragment & empowerment. 
  • Serving women all over the globe. 🙂 

Knowledge is power. Understanding a few facts can give you the power to heal.


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